Defibrillator Analyser

Defibrillator Analyser

The Defibrillator Analyser is a portable battery operated instrument designed to safely test the performance of all types of defibrillator. It has a colour graphics display, QWERTY keypad and a menu driven user interface with a choice of languages.

The instrument also features an ECG simulator for cardiac synchronisation. This can simulate the ECG of someone suffering from a heart attack, allowing an Automatic Defibrillator to administer a shock. The energy of this shock is then measured (up to 6000V, 100A) and the waveform displayed on the graphics module. Results are stored and can be recalled, downloaded to a PC via a USB interface or printed via Bluetooth.

The development replaced an ageing product offering many new features, at a lower works cost and integrated with the client’s existing PC suite of software.


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