Technical Expertise

Buckman Hardy Associates have an established reputation for :


To comply with EN, BS, UL, CSA, VDE, and other specifications, Buckman Hardy has designed instruments ranging from hand held and battery powered, to rack mounted. Product designs consist of both one-off and for volume production.

Analogue Circuit Design

Expertise in a wide range of techniques including: – amplifiers, filters (passive, active and digital), power supplies (linear and switch mode), analogue to digital conversion techniques, low power circuits, non linear circuits and various transducer technologies.


With an extensive knowledge of ARMs, PICs, MSP and Renesas microcontrollers, Buckman Hardy has been developing embedded applications for a large number of microprocessors since the early 1980’s. Utilising version control and bug tracking software for all projects, applications are written in C/C++ in a modular fashion for high quality and easy maintenance.


Covering many precision measurement techniques and parameters including voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, inductance, frequency and temperature. Buckman Hardy is able to implement significant amounts of signal processing in software designed for overall project cost reduction.

Process Control

Experience in designing BASEEFA Intrinsically Safe approved equipment ranging from specialised measurement systems to mass produced head transmitters.

CE Marking

Instruments are designed and tested in house via self-certification by Buckman Hardy to ensure compliance with product specific and generic standards.

Wireless Technology

Designs including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a custom low power 430MHz link.

Electro Chemistry

Experience of various electro-chemical measuring instruments e.g. ion selective electrodes.

Digital Design

In addition to microprocessor support logic we have experience of most logic families particularly CMOS for battery powered applications.

The Way We Work

Each project is executed by applying the established Buckman Hardy project life cycle:

  1. Buckman Hardy and the client work together on designing and agreeing the product specification.
  2. Based on the agreed specification a fixed price quote is generated and on receipt of the Purchase Order work begins as scheduled.
  3. Prototypes are designed based on agreed mechanical specifications and issued to the client for approval.
  4. Final stages of the project include the manufacturing of a ‘Factory Sample’, testing against various specifications such as Safety and CE compliance as well as the issuing of the final drawing set to the client.

Buckman Hardy offers the complete package, including the manufacturing for low volume or can work with the client’s chosen manufacturing facility. There is also the option of manufacturing through one of the company’s trusted associates in China.
Further arrangements can be made for test gear and ongoing production support.