Astronomical Products

Astronomical Products

AWR Technology is the astronomy division of Buckman Hardy Associates; it focuses on the design and manufacture of telescope drive systems. The AWR products are sold world-wide, both directly to the public and to specialist astronomy outlets.

The AWR Intelligent Drive System has a modular approach both in terms of hardware and software. This allows the automation of a very wide range of telescopes many of which are unique and therefore need tailor made solutions specifically tuned to each telescope’s individual needs.

Control systems, motors and encoders have been supplied to numerous clients, including installations that can be seen at the Great Refractor of the Royal Observatory Greenwich; the Space Science centre at Herstmonceux and Perkins Observatory, Ohio. Custom drive systems for these telescopes involves an understanding of the forces involved, what needs to be done to keep the drive train running smoothly and a knowledge of the fundamentals of astronomy dynamics to compute where objects should be in the sky.

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