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Television Detection Equipment - Buckman Hardy Associates designed and manufactured a range of television detection equipment for the BBC. A hand held two channel detector picks up small signals emitted by the television, and by using a combination of analogue and digital signal processing techniques the detector is able to display distance and direction to the nearest television.

Tv Detectors

We subsequently developed a miniature TV detector the size of a mobile phone, it is single channel and displays the distance to the nearest television.

Socket and See - A range of electricians test equipment for a successful UK company. As well as designing instruments we provide production support to the factory in China. www.socketandsee.co.uk

Socket and See

Ski Simulator - A microprocessor based system to allow the skier to control motors that drive a moving belt on a ski simulator. We developed the electronic hardware and software including safety features. www.realli-ski.co.uk

Ski Simulator

Shopping Trolley Lock - An electromagnetic device built in to the wheel of a supermarket shopping trolley. When the trolley is pushed over a buried cable at the perimeter of the premises, a signal is detected that is electronically amplified and filtered. This signal operates a small solenoid which in turn locks the shopping trolley wheel. Buckman Hardy were commissioned by the trolley manufacturer and took their concept to a working prototype.

Abandoned Shopping Trolley

Production Test Equipment - from simple electrical test boxes to automated test and calibration systems controlled by a PC. One automated system communicates with the instrument under test, this allows test conditions and loads to be set up, automated testing, and data logging of test results for calibration certificates and Q.A.

Production Test Equipment

Magnetic Level Measurement - An instrument to measure the level of molten aluminium in a closed sand mould. This was achieved by sensing the change in magnetic field by a series of coils situated above the mould. This output is linearised and used to achieve PID control with the pumping of the molten aluminium. The design was commissioned by Rover Cars and had been operating on 8 casting stations 24 hours a day for many years.

Magnetic Level Measurement

When Rover licensed the process to a Korean manufacturer we upgraded the instrument to include programmable PID or step control of the pump. The new instrument uses a multi-processor configuration, to provide an ergonomic man machine interface based around a graphics LCD with context sensitive controls.

Astronomical Products - A range of instruments for astronomers that are designed by Buckman Hardy Associates, manufactured and marketed by AWR Technology. The intelligent drive system controls a telescope. It consists of a handset that contains a database of interesting objects, and a drive box that microsteps the motors used to point the telescope. This modular approach allows control of different size telescopes including Victorian monsters 30 foot high. www.awrtech.co.uk

Astronomical Products